A couple of years ago I took part in a radio discussion on the complexities of law;  I knew a lot less about this topic than I do now , but this summary received at the time from an owner of several SMEs might be useful . Hopefully others will want to comment. I will develop some of these ideas in due course.

I focussed on

1.  the true cost to business etc

2. the fact that complexity leads to people just ignoring the rules

3. the fact that one size in the law doesn’t fit all.

He said. that he would  have liked to raise the following with lawmakers  ………………………

“Always trying to write regulations that deal with every eventuality rather than something closer to the 80 / 20 rule that pervades the rest of life.  Deal with the bulk and let the courts and common sense deal with the rest.

Completely lost sight of the biggest customer of regulation i.e. the company with a small number of employees, and what its needs are.

Stop changing the regulations so frequently.  Take longer, write better and resist the bureaucrats jobsworth to continue changing at every opportunity.

Restore the balance between employer and the rest.

Stop blaming the EU – deal with it, we are in the club.

Help the employer – stop hindering it

Get the lawmakers out in to business and have them try and implement the nonsenses they have created.”


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