Now I feel more comfortable about this blog site , off we go. Firstly, thanks to Justin W. and Clare B. for getting this site up and running for me and sorting out my first posts! All errors from now on are mine alone. I have to admit as a non-blogger to date,  I am still wrestling with the inter-connection between this site, linked in and twitter ( but never facebook).

I hope to write about a whole range of issues including ,  in no particular order,  common sense ( or lack of it ) and the law .For example why it has taken a group of lawyers several days to work out the process for issuing a small claim against a major international airline.

Gould’s mantra is certainly a topic on which I would welcome comments. Allied to that is how we can develop  our ” silo -smashing ” conference later this year . The idea is to bring together those interested who come from different “silos” to share ideas they might have in common. Silos include , practioners ,academics, those who use legal services ( clients!) and the Whitehall/Westminster machine..why are silos so prevalent in this country ?

The Good Law Initiative is a third inter-connected theme. Much more to follow on this.

Apart from that how to fund SMEs in the fashion sector and how to support Kids Company ,are high on my agenda.




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