Good law Initiative

The Good Law Initiative (GLI) has come out of the vision of the Office of the Parliamentary Counsel (OPC). It would like people who use the law to experience so called good law (wouldn’t we all). We need law that is:-

  • Necessary
  • Clear
  • Coherent
  • Effective
  • Accessible

My Involvement

OPC asked people in government, in parliament, as well as people in the world of business to think about good law. I am a corporate lawyer who has been writing and lecturing on these issues for some time.

As part of my involvement in this project I was asked to say something to a group from the Cabinet Office about the problem of volume and complexity of law (and resulting issues of lack of compliance and enforcement) from the perspective of real life users.

My Approach

My basic mantra is as follows, and it applies to just about every part of the legal system. I believe we have:-

  • Too much law
  • Too much bad/complex law
  • Laws which are unenforceable
  • Laws which are unenforced

The Target

This initiative has small and medium sized companies in mind.

In my opinion, what often tends to be missing from these discussions is feedback from the 99 per cent of these businesses.

There are over 4 million SMEs, employing up to 249 people, and make up about 48 per cent of private sector turnover and employ over 13 million people. They are an extremely important part of the economy, and as such should be rewarded with a voice on matters which affect them.

Further Information

In my next post I will offer a couple of examples from clients which go to the heart of issues raised by this initiative.